Ice Cream Review: Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies vs. Graeter’s Cookies & Cream

With its undulating chocolate cookie swirl plastered on the surface, the first impression goes to Ben & Jerry’s. Once you dig past the initial layer, though, Graeter’s begins to separate itself given its creamier vanilla base and Oreo cookies.

For some reason, in lieu of chocolate sandwich cookies commonly found in Cookies and Cream, Ben & Jerry’s opted for a deconstructed approach, pairing a respectable chocolate cookie swirl—one far more palatable than the acrid disaster found in Boom Chocolatta!—with chocolate chip cookie pieces. I appreciate their attempt to innovate, but the aforementioned cookie pieces were not good at all. They were mealy and tasted as if someone forgot to add sugar to the batter.

So this is one of those rare cases where the lower calorie option is actually tastier. At 260 calories per serving, Graeter’s Cookies and Cream remains one of their lighter offerings while Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies clocks in at a slightly heftier 280 calories per serving. If Graeter’s isn’t available in your area, another option is to visit a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop for their Sweet Cream & Cookies.

Graeter’s Cookies & Cream — Pr(Buy Again): 1

Ben & Jerry’s Milk & Cookies — Pr(Buy Again): low

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