Ice Cream Review: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food vs. Phish Food FroYo

It didn’t take long for me to realize I was destined for disappointment. Indeed, I knew I made a mistake the moment my spoon made contact with the chocolate frozen yogurt base. In contradistinction to the chocolate ice cream base of Phish Food, which gathers on the spoon like a tidal wave, the frozen yogurt version broke off into chunks and had a freezer-burned texture to it.

Combining two forms of chocolate—the ice cream base as well as chunks of fish-shaped fudge—both of which veer toward the bitter end of the spectrum, with sugary swirls of marshmallow and caramel, the original Phish Food has all of the balance of a Cirque du Soleil performer. The same, however, cannot be said of its FroYo instantiation.

Save for the abundantly dispersed fudge fish, nothing about this low fat offering is appealing; in addition to the awful base, the marshmallow swirl is dessicated, and the caramel swirl doesn’t stand out at all. So unless you’re looking to extinguish your enthusiasm for frozen desserts, avoid Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food FroYo and stick with the real thing.

Phish Food — Pr(Buy Again): high

Phish Food FroYo — Pr(Buy Again): 0

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