Ice Cream Review: Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Toffee Bar Crunch vs. Graeter’s Toffee Chocolate Chip

Well, this head-to-head wasn’t even close. It was about as lopsided as a Ronda Rousey fight. While Ben & Jerry’s vanilla base is nothing to scoff at, Graeter’s vanilla base is sheer creamy bliss. Where the two pints noticeably diverge is in the mix-ins. In their laudable commitment to Fair Trade products, Ben & Jerry’s eschewed Heath bars, opting instead for a knock-off toffee that is wholly nondescript. Graeter’s uses actual Heath bars, which have their characteristic milk chocolate with buttery notes to the toffee and a brittle-like texture. To further gild the lily, Graeter’s incorporates their chewy, oar-sized chocolate chips.

So if you can find Graeter’s Toffee Chocolate Chip, there’s frankly no reason to bother with Ben & Jerry’s on this one.

Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Toffee Bar Crunch — Pr(Buy Again): 0

Graeter’s Toffee Chocolate Chip — Pr(Buy Again): 1

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