Roast, Detroit (January 2013)

In 2010, my brother and I made the trek out to Detroit and had what I remember being a satisfying, if largely meat-centric, meal. Returning two-and-a-half years later woefully underdressed–particularly in contradistinction to my dapper dining companion–foremost among my hankerings were the fried Brussels sprouts and double-cut smoked pork chop. And while those two items remain delicious, it was the middling offerings that bookended our dinner that render a third visit improbable. 

An unremarkable charcuterie platter returned to the kitchen unfinished. And when it came time to order dessert, that most foolish of phrases sprung from our server’s lips: “excellent choice.” How incorrect she was, as we were met with a meringue-dominated Meyer lemon mousse and an irritatingly insipid mug of chocolate-covered pretzels with beer ice cream. One modest bite of the latter was enough to convince me to retire my spoon for the evening. 



Charcuterie platter for two


Roasted cauliflower


Fried Brussels sprouts


Smoked pork chop, polenta, pickled chilies, BBQ onions


Grilled veal heart, celery root puree and pickled chilis


Edmund Fitzgerald Porter ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, caramel foam



Meyer lemon mousse, crispy meringue and citrus supremes


2 thoughts on “Roast, Detroit (January 2013)

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Katie (though, I must admit I’m more than a little embarrassed by the quality of the photos above, given how amazing yours are). It looks like you’ve been spending some time at the NYT four-star restaurants; is a return to Per Se or Daniel on the horizon?

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