Thanksgiving at Eleven Madison Park

This Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of dining with The Wizard of Roz* and her husband, Michael. The four-hour meal, replete with great stories and great company (and my second taste of beer ever) was too enjoyable to possibly be captured by this post. All I can do is express my gratitude to Ramzi, Cody, Will, Bryce and the rest of the EMP staff for their generosity.

* You can find her photos from the meal here.

Old school amuse: gougères

Chicken velouté with black truffles and parmesan

Smoked terrine of foie gras with black truffle purée, purple potatoes and dandelion greens

Bryce showing off white truffles


Tagliolini with white truffles and parmesan

Sous vide and confit turkey with butternut squash purée and chestnut stuffing (there were seconds courtesy of Will Guidara)

Traditional sides: cranberry chutney, braised red cabbage, potato mousseline, brussels sprouts with bacon lardons, parsnip ecrassé and baked sweet potatoes


Butternut squash sorbet with brown butter parfait and coconut granola

Malted chocolate, apple and caramelized popcorn macarons



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at Eleven Madison Park

  1. Welcome to your new home! I’m dying for you to go back for the new menu filled with mystery and magic. We last went JUST before they switched over, and I was secretly wishing we’d waited.

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