Lukshon, Culver City (August 2012)

Food: good
Highlights: spicy chicken pops, Kurobuta pork ribs and pork belly lettuce cups
Service: good
Pr(return): likely (if only it weren’t so bloody far from the valley)

Spicy chicken pops with garlic, kecap manis and Sichuan salt

Green papaya salad, cherry tomatoes, long beans, crispy shallots, nam pla and lime

Duck confit spring rolls, cabbage, woodear mushroom and herbs 

Kurobuta pork ribs with spicy chicory coffee BBQ sauce

Pork belly lettuce cups, cabbage, crispy pig ear, Thai chili, lime, mint and rice powder

X.O. sauce, jasmine rice, long beans and egg

Dandan noodles: Kurobuta pork, sesame, preserved mustard greens, Sichuan peppercorns and peanuts

Complementary caramelized pineapple ice cream sandwiches

 Iced coffee with condensed milk

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