Eleven Madison Park, New York (August 2012) [2]

All one can do at a restaurant like EMP is sit back with unalloyed admiration and marvel at the scope of their accomplishments, and that’s exactly what we did for 3.5 hours. My sincerest thanks to Cody, Ramzi, Bryce and the entire EMP staff for their generosity!


Savory black and white cookies with black truffles and parmesan

Tomato tea infused with lemon thyme

EMP’s interpretation of New York street vendors who sell nuts: marcona almonds

Goat cheese lollipops with fried lentils and Madras curry, chickpea panisse and parmsan lavash with espelette pepper

Vegan alternative


Watermelon snow, dashi-cured trout roe, zucchini bavarois and cantaloupe
Vegan alternative (sans trout roe)

An homage to Jewish appetizing: applewood smoked sturgeon, chanterelle mushrooms, house-made pickles, an everything bagel salad with quail eggs and pickled onions, lemon caviar and ostetra caviar

Whole wheat rolls with goat’s milk and cow’s milk butters

Roasted beet with raspberries, strawberries, chamomile and rye

Vegan alternative (sans espuma)

Snapper, geoduck, white nectarine and sea cress

Dacquiri, I think

Smoked couscous, onions and dried tomatoes

Textures of broccoli, parmesan, lardo, lemon and chili

Vegan alternative (sans parmesan)

Olive oil-poached fluke, lemon grass, cucumber and coconut

Smoked corn, blueberries, lime and chanterelle mushrooms

More cocktails

Duo of pork, cherries, onions and mustard seeds

Roasted eggplant with, inter alia, eggplant tuiles and wheatberries

Manchego with strawberry jam and marcona almonds

Vegan alternative

Malt egg cream

Raspberry cheesecake with goat cheese and chamomile

Vegan cheesecake

Yuzu-marinated plums with jasmine and cashew

Vegan chocolate dessert

Syphon-brewed coffee

Sweet black and white cookies

Pate de fui


2 thoughts on “Eleven Madison Park, New York (August 2012) [2]

  1. Hey Andrew,Did you read "A Restaurant of Many Stars Raises the Ante" (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/28/dining/eleven-madison-park-is-changing-things-up.html?pagewanted=all) that appeared on the front page of the New York Times last month? The comments on the Times website were interesting too. I personally don't see the wisdom of fixing something that isn't broken. The restaurant seems sublime, almost perfect, as it is, and the new changes might, I fear, make things a little bit gimmicky. Considering Eleven Madison Park clearly seems one of your favorite restaurants, I would love to hear your thoughts on its proposed transformation? Is it a yay or a nay?

  2. Hi Raza,Thanks for stopping by. I did read the NYT articles (as well as some of the comments). In addition, there's been a lively discussion on chowhound: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/860627.Here are my thoughts, for what they're worth: three-star Michelin restaurants–or restaurants in that universe–sometimes are simply a guarantee that you can eat the same food anywhere in the world (e.g. Guy Savoy in Vegas and Guy Savoy in France, and the same goes for Robouchon).EMP, by contrast, wants to be a distinctly New York restaurant with a tasting menu that pays homage to New York classics with a slight twist, of course. So, for example, steak tartare has been a staple menu item at New York steak houses for ages. But New York also happens to have soil that produces delicious carrots, leading to the carrot tartare dish that can be seen in the Times' article. The one drawback with the one-size-only tasting menu is that one won't be able to dine at EMP twice in one week and enjoy two totally different tasting menus anymore, but notwithstanding that, I'm all for their continued evolution!

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