Eleven Madison Park, New York (August 2012) [1]

I hope the fact that I’ve been to EMP almost a half-dozen times in thirteen months obviates the need for another lengthy write-up.* I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one and will simply provide the Cliff’s notes below:

Food: world-class
Highlights: the smoked couscous, the mosaic of foie gras and the smoked corn (but honestly you cannot go wrong here; just about anything they put in front of you will be revelatory)
Service: world-class
Pr(return): 1 (at this point a jaunt to New York without a trip to EMP just wouldn’t seem right)

*If, however, that is of interest, see my June meal here

Savory black and white cookie

Orange Julius

Tomato tea with lemon thyme

 Parmesan lavash with espelette pepper
Chickpea panisse

Chickpea lollipop with curry and lentils

Smoked sturgeon sabayon with chive oil

Littleneck clam succotash, tomato snow, corn bavarois, charred corn and chorizo 

Corn-tomato chowder

Steamed zucchini bread

House-baked wheat rolls

Smoked couscous, yogurt, olives and tomato

Cognac and madiera-marinated foie gras, nepitella and blackberry tuiles

Smoked corn, blueberries, chanterelles and lime yogurt

Butter poached lobster, zucchini flower, amaranth, lobster bisque foam, avocado and mint

Colorado lamb, bean salad, violet mustard and savory

Fresh and aged Meridian chevre, strawberries, pistachio and green garlic

Colony edible cocktail with gin, bing cherries and pop rocks

Egg cream

Raspberry cheesecake

Syphon-brewed coffee

Apricot sorbet, chocolate ganache with caramel, cocoa nibs and cardamon espuma

 Sweet black and white cookie


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