The NoMad, New York (August 2012)

I’m strapped for time, so I’m afraid there won’t be a full write-up. Here’s the Cliff’s notes version:

Food: okay
Highlights: basil-fennel-lemon soda and Milk and Honey
Service: okay
Pr(return): low

Let me explain, in brief, and keep in mind that EMP is my favorite restaurant in New York. Humm and Guidara’s NoMad, alas, just left me so sad: fifteen minutes passed from the time I was seated to the time water was poured; a confit of suckling pig with a impressively bronzed crust lacked even a tincture of salt, and it was served with an unpitted cherry (tsk, tsk); and an affogato had so much granita that it watered down the entire dessert. Fortunately, EMP is only blocks away and can cascade over any unsavory memory with alacrity.

The menu

Basil-fennel-lemon soda

Zucchini focaccia 
Confit of suckling pig, mizuna, onions, mustard seeds and cherries

Note the cherry pit stage left

Peanut butter palette, milk chocolate and popcorn

“Affogato” with espresso espuma, coffee granita and vanilla ice cream

Milk and honey with shortbread and brittle

2 thoughts on “The NoMad, New York (August 2012)

  1. Thanks for the feedback. As you probably know, words can have multiple definitions.Tincture (from a trace; a smack or smattering; tinge: a tincture of irony. Cheers,Andrew

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