The Slanted Door, San Francisco, CA (May 2012)

In need of a place for a little pre-dinner nourishment (and that would be open on Memorial Day), we decided to try The Slanted Door, a restaurant that seemed consistently brimful whenever I ambled past it prior to meals at One Market. 
Save for the mundane lemongrass pork shoulder and the de trop brown rice, every dish brought salivation-inducing intensity, especially the barbecue spareribs and chicken claypot. It’s the kind of food one wants to dig into as soon as it hits the table. And Moe, our tattooed and straggly-haired server, provided competent service and helpful drink recommendations.  For a quick lunch–ours was less than ninety minutes–The Slanted Door played its part in our dining agenda, and I’d happily return on future Bay Area excursions to sample a fresh selection of items.

Barbecued pork spareribs, cilantro, scallions, honey-hoisin sauce

Green papaya salad, pickled carrot, rau ram, crispy shallots and roasted peanuts

Gulf shrimp and pork wonton soup, five-spiced pork and egg noodles

My first Singapore sling
Grilled Berkshire pork chop, fingerling potatoes, soy-shallot-ginger sauce

 Grilled lemongrass pork shoulder, fish sauce, rice noodles, cucumber and mint
Spicy broccoli, braised tofu and lion’s mane mushrooms

Caramelized Gulf shrimp, garlic, (too many) onions and caramel-chili sauce

Chicken claypot, Thai chili, ginger and caramel sauce

My first latte 

Guava sorbet

 Strawberry gaufrette


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