Mezze, Los Angeles (August 2011)

Chopped chicken liver, sour plum mustard, parsley and a side of challah

Halibut crudo

Complementary shawarma with cabbage strips and amba.

Cured wild salmon, purple onions, fingerling potatoes and B. Bendik & Son Rye

Foie Gras Terrine, Saffron Lebne, White Nectarine, Pistachio and house-made pita

Lamb and Pork Paté, House Pickles, Green Chili

Head-on blue prawns with radish

Farm Egg Shakshouka, Yogurt Emulsion, Sweetbread and crostini

Veal sausage and garbanzo beans

Roasted Quail, Cinnamon Consommé, Kibbeh

House-made tagliolini with mussels

Lamb belly

Strawberry parfait, sesame, sumac and halvah cream

Chocolate mousse with a cocoa nib crisp and honey-milk sorbet

Fig tart with frangipane, sherry and a goat’s milk ice cream.

Blueberry cake, mulberries, creme fraiche and olive oil gelato

Peaches roasted in butter, honey, basil and pistachio gelato

Petite fours