Providence, Los Angeles (November 2010)

Mojito and screwdriver

Grilled abalone

Grilled squid and chorizo

Sashimi of kampachi

Salad of squid and abalone with long beans

Osetra caviar with gold leaf and uni chawanmushi

Pumpkin soup with sweetbreads, black truffle, vadouvan

Raw matsutake mushrooms and scallops

Sea bass with foie gras

Charred octopus, arugula, and cranberry beans

Wagyu with bordelaise

Ravioli of foie gras with parmesan foam and shaved truffles

Assortment of cheeses

Coconut and lychee ice cream with tapioca

Dulche de leche flan with miso

Chocolate and macerated cherries

Peanut butter, banana ice Cream, and Jalapeno

White peach gelée, caramels, vanilla macaroons


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