Patina, Los Angeles (December 2010)

Butternut squash velouté, brunoised crostini, chive cream

Hamachi topped with geoduck, undulating pieces of crostini, cucumber and avocado, and a green apple mustard

Terrine of foie gras

Mosaic of vegetables in a “jus de cuisson”

Butter poached Maine lobster sauced with a dolce forte, endives, salsify, and spinach

Tenderloin of milk-fed veal finished with reduced veal stock, carrots, turnips, and cipollini onion

Squab en crépinette in a salmis sauce with black truffles, foie gras, green cabbage, and ragout of chanterelles and salsify

Green apple and coconut battera with crispy meringue

Fresh mangoes, mango sorbet, and crispy meringue

Dark chocolate palet, vanilla bean ice cream, rock candy and crème fraîche

White chocolate, chocolate financier, and pomegranate fruit jelly


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