One Market, San Francisco (October 2008)’s Appetite Stimulus Week definitely lived up to its name. I enjoyed the catbird’s seat, overlooking the kitchen’s operations; by the meal’s end, however, it seemed the counter seating became a mixed blessing, for there is only so many bacon-wrapped tenderloins one can eye in a two-hour period.

The tuna amuse was fresh and simply prepared.

Quick seared tuna with cilantro
Never have I felt so sated by a salad before, particularly one without meat.
Roasted pear salad, candied walnuts, frisee, point reyes cheese

Dan’s crab salad

This being the second day I ate pork for dinner, I worried about tenderloin overload. The kind gent working the meat station resolved my concern by wrapping the pig in, well, more pig. It should be noted, too, that my keenness for medium rareness came to fruition.

Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin

Dan’s strip steak

Just the right cinnamon quantity permeated the dessert.

Gingerbread cake, cider braised apples, and cinnamon sour cream ice cream
The powdered cookie, with its crispy consistency and subdued flavor, moderated an otherwise overly sweet pudding.
Butterscotch pudding, vanilla cream, and milk chocolate shavings
One Market delivered another wholly satisfying meal, which means I will probably have to complete the troika with the Chef’s Table in the near future.

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