La Folie, San Francisco (February 2009)

An unattributed axiom recommends eating until 80 percent full. I am not sure how to gauge my fullness percentile, but I know I exceeded 80 percent. How can one not? The spellbinding menu has the power to entice even the most ascetic orthorexic. Add to that three weeks experimenting with vegetarianism, and I had no choice but to choose a meatcentric menu.

I will spare readers long-winded descriptions and simply say that the scallop dish and lobster risotto were exceptional.

Seafood sausage
Coddled egg infused with bacon
Dungeness crab salad, pineapple coconut panna cotta, curried crab vinaigrette
Roasted vegetables, Asian pear salad, spiced walnuts
Seared day boat scallop on truffled potatoes and scallop crudo in meyer lemon juice
Lobster, pig feet, and sweetbread terrine
Lobster and black trumpet risotto
Black cod, parsnip purée, bacon, and green peppercorns
Butter poached lobster, roasted butternut squash ravioli, celeriac and almond salad with truffle jus
Truffle crusted veal tenderloin stuffed with sweetbreads, port madeira sauce
Arctic char
Cardamon pudding with hibiscus granita
Roquefort, goat’s milk chedder, and epoisse
Chocolate sushi
Petit fours

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