Hatfield’s, Los Angeles (August 2009)

Corn soup and a deviled quail egg

Croque Madame: Brioche, hamachi sashimi, prosciutto and a quail egg.

Cuttlefish salad, sunchoke purée, arugula, maitake mushrooms

Corn agnolotti, Dungeness crab, cherry tomatoes and hon shimeji mushrooms. The crab seemed superfluous due to the pronounced sweetness from the corn.

Octopus salad

Olive oil poached Alaskan halibut, herbed asparagus, hon shimeji mushrooms and pickled ramp vinaigrette. Hatfield’s halibut preparation pales in comparison to One Market’s and Providence’s.

Hamachi collar 
Roasted squab, foie gras, schnitzel, cipollini onion and potato purée. Visually, the squab looked overcooked, but one bite belied that suspicion.

Chicken breast, corn and chantrelles

  Beef duo: Hanger steak, horseradish dusted short rib

Pork belly with a fennel-celeriac purée

Buttermilk panna cotta, strawberries and lemon sorbet

Baked lemon custard tartlet, huckleberry compote, shortbread sablé and lemon verbena ice cream

Chocolate and peanut butter brownie, salted caramel ice cream and roasted peanut toffee. Moist does not begin to describe this brownie.

Sugar and spice dusted beignets, Venezuelan chocolate fondue and a vanilla malted milkshake shot to finish.



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