Firefly, San Francisco (October 2008)

Never having penetrated San Francisco beyond the Powell Street BART station, I put my directional ineptitude to the test trying to navigate my way to Firefly. I ventured in the wrong direction twice before realizing I would have to trek up a Sisyphean slope. Firefly is located in a neighborhood that bellows tranquility. Inside the restaurant, though, spirited confabs emanated from every table – except mine, of course.

The meal commenced with a warm loaf alongside a spread, replacing bread’s quintessential accoutrement, butter. 

Wheat bread with pea and carrot spread
I hope the photo sufficiently conveys their seared surface, for each bite let off an audible crunch.
Shrimp and sea scallop potstickers with sesame soy dipping sauce
On to my carrot eating friend, the rabbit. It seems every time I order rabbit, carrots accompany it, which instinctively evokes images of Bugs Bunny cartoons. Alas, this photo fails to spotlight my favorite feature of this dish–undulating tarragon dumplings that were as soft and delicate as temper-pedic pillows. 
Grilled rabbit loin and mustard braised leg with tarragon dumplings, arugula and grilled torpedo onions
With each bite, the bulbous huckleberries burst with tartness, providing a perfect balance to the ice cream’s emollience; the cookie’s moist consistency coupled with the ripe plum slices were equally tasty. 
Huckleberry plum cobbler with pecan biscuit and huckleberry buttermilk ice cream

Firefly’s prix fixe–three courses for $35–remains one of the best deals I have come across. Inviting and efficient service made for a comfortable ethos that I would not mind revisiting.


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